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Our core business is facilitating events that are all about decision-making and sharing knowledge and content. For this to happen sustainably, to make a difference and to make it stick - associations require the necessary knowledge and technology. Savvy Congress is your partner for associations that need to create maximum impact at a professional event.

New, Better and Different

The platform of Savvy Congress is now available in several languages. When participants are unable or unwilling to travel, they can still participate via Savvy’s online, multilingual platform in their own language and, if desired, with an interpreter. The interpreter can translate the presentation in real-time. This ensures a full experience for all participants around the world! You can now add parallel sessions to the system with a personal agenda per participant. The participants can only see and participate in their sessions. The functionalities per online room can be adjusted in advance. Formal voting can now be split up into different groups with different characteristics. These results can also be broken down based on characteristics. Our login is always secured by two-factor authentication.

Relevant Sector Expertise

Savvy Congress's expertise is sharing knowledge in hybrid events. The platform has several possibilities that allow online and physical attendees to connect with each other. Attendees are stimulated to participate and share their knowledge, by asking questions and other interaction tools. Participants can easily be switched to online or physical participation, ensuring both online and physical attendees follow a simultaneous program. With our hybrid solution, we are the perfect partner for more sustainable events all over Europe.


Savvy Congress is an all-in-one interactive platform that stimulates knowledge sharing amongst participants during a congress or event, and creates involvement between them. Participants can vote, ask questions to the speaker, fill in a word cloud, play games, chat with each other and fill in surveys at any given moment. Attendees can do all of this via their own smartphone, tablet or laptop without needing to download any apps or software. Savvy Operators bring and maintain their own isolated Wi-Fi network, and are on-site to support you during the event. The tool has a unique streaming ability, which allows attendees to view the slides of presentations on their device in real-time or at their own pace.

Association Client Projects

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