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Compare2Compete Benchmarking Solutions helps associations to conduct benchmarking surveys among members themselves easily, efficiently and effectively. With our sophisticated Benchmarking Survey Tool you optimize the benchmarking process and provide your membership with valuable market information. We help you excel, so you can help your members to excel. Compare2Compete has a mission. We want associations to be able to conduct benchmarking surveys without expensive customized software, without expensive external consultants and without time consuming inefficient processes. So, easy, efficient and effective benchmarking. We help you with our Benchmarking Survey Tool, with our knowledge about benchmarking and with advice and services to make sure you are successful in benchmarking.

New, Better and Different

The benchmarking survey tool has evolved over time with much functionality, a.o. - share data among surveys - use interactive dashboarding - your look-and-feel adjustable in css-files - improved flexibility - outstanding graphical views

Relevant Sector Expertise

The Benchmarking Survey Tool can be used in all sectors. Competitor benchmarking is more suitable for industry associations. Use the performance benchmarking surveys to let your members compare themselves against relevant groups of members. Use the business scan to assess your members and give them an outstanding report in return. Salary benchmarking is more suitable for professional associations. Use the general surveys to collect data and the performance benchmarking surveys to report salaries and remuneration on all different levels


Conducting benchmarking surveys right means that you must have some knowledge about benchmarking itself, about statistics, about data collection (asking the right questions), etc. But benchmarking is not difficult to do, if you know what to do and how to do it. And if you have the right systems in place. 

Our services include
  • our sophisticated benchmarking survey tool 
    • create your customized online questionnaire
    • collect data from your membership
    • improve data quality
    • convert input data to relevant output
    • comprehensive reporting and dashboards
    • workflow management
  • benchmarking survey management
    • if needed we can conduct the benchmarking surveys for you, but you can easily conduct the surveys with our tool yourself
  • benchmarking survey implementation
    • if needed we can implement the benchmarking surveys for you, but you can easily implement the surveys yourself
  • benchmarking advice
    • we know everything about benchmarking your membership. Ask us and we will help you


Association Client Projects

National Association of Colleges and Employers
Benchmarking members
The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) uses the C2C Benchmark Tool since 2015 to conduct several benchmarks among their members. NACE Benchmarking consists of several benchmarks among employers and colleges, from ‘career services’ to 'recruiting benchmark surveys’. NACE choose to use the Compare 2 Compete benchmark tool because of the automatic reporting to participants. We have delivered the software in their branding and created a connection with their AMS. We trained the NACE staff to work with our system. And we gave support and advice during and after implementation. Aijaz Khan, NACE: "The Compare 2 Compete Benchmark Tool is the most comprehensive benchmarking solution on the market with complete toolset to allow our members to view / export benchmarking results in variety of formats.”
Dutch Association of Administration Offices and Tax Advisors
Benchmarking members
Since 2009 NOAB outsourced their benchmark ‘Office figures’ to Compare 2 Compete. By using Compare 2 Compete and the C2C Benchmark Tool, the number of participants has increased from 60 up to almost 500. A large part of this group is participating every year. The benchmark provides insight into the operations of the administration office, the remuneration and tariffs. The study provides insight into differences between firms of different size and regional location, the current rates, salaries, benefits, costs and revenues. Compare 2 Compete conducts the whole benchmark in collaboration with NOAB (and another association in the same industry, Fiscount). The associations do the promotion, C2C does the rest. Michel Hamer, NOAB: "One of the most important aspects of collaboration is the unburdening. After our annual reconciliation, the total process is carried out by Compare 2 Compete, from the invitations to provide data, validation of data, to the individual reports. We like the enthusiasm of Compare 2 Compete to get started with the project. Equally important is that privacy of participants is guaranteed and the quality of the benchmark itself. We rely on years of expertise of the team of Compare 2 Compete."
Groupement des Entrepreneurs de Golf Francais
Benchmarking members
Since 2012 the GEGF, located in Paris, works with the C2C Benchmark Tool for GEGF Benchmark of French Golf Courses. These are commercial golf courses that compare their sales in several areas. Each month over 25 participants enter their data online, and we get data from 90 golf courses, which are part of three chains, whose data is imported to the system. We check data and deliver the individual reports. Jacques Tillement, GEGF: “The Compare 2 Compete Benchmark Tool provides French commercial golf courses with an efficient tool to follow the evolution of the national golf market. The C2C Benchmark Tool is most useful for individual courses to benchmark themselves with the market, and for GEGF as a group to present a reliable picture of the importance and evolution of golf business in France.”